Best red white pillows for cozy Christmas design

Red is traditionasCristmas color. This is fireplace symbol in long and cold winter, where is light of hope. This is bright color which bright happy emotions(as for me). Beautiful designs and color. Make pillows your self, or order on pack of amazing  Christmas pillows on amazon

christmas cozy home

Just add a pease of red colour, snowflake ornament and reindeer an Coca-Cola Bottle! Ready! You have perfect Christmas room decor!

coca - cola bear

There is a collection of Christmas pillows from Amazon I like the most. Click picture to open new Amazon page with the pillow to order.

4 Packs Merry Christmas Square Pillowcases4 pillow pack pillow christmas decorChristmas pillow reindeerred white christmas pillowThey will look great during the holiday season!



Round Chinese Lantern Lamp Light Shade For Every Day And Every Party Decor

Round Chinese lantern light shade is a simple and beautiful decor, which is cheap, but still, make cozy home and room decor. According to Chinese beliefs, a red paper flashlight draws luck and love.

Round Chinese Lantern Lamp Light Shade

Round Chinese lantern lamp light shade attracts love, money, Jewels relations. But by tradition, it must be a red flashlight. But you can use white or any color of lamp you like the most.Today, a huge number of lamps are on the market, but what are the advantages of paper Chinese lamps?

Today there are a huge number of paper lams on the market, but what are the advantages of paper lamps shades?

  • First, they are environmentally safe, as they are made with natural materials.
  • Secondly, they are cheap
  • Third, they create a soft light, which is best suited for a pleasant stay
  • Fourthly, round paper lantern can easily be decorated to your taste or home interior.
  • And the last one, fifthly, in stained, paper lamp lanterns, is beautiful decor both for room and on the outdoor.

You can use one or many paper lantern lights, one shape, or different sizes. And let lamps give you comfort and harmony in your home!

Cheap Faux Fur( Fake Sheepskin) Bed, Chair Covers, and Area Rugs To Create Cozy Home Design. Because Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming repeat in The Game of Thrones.

Northerners wait out the winter will the help of a large of skins. There were sheepskins, wolfskins, foxskins and many others, which they used both in clothes and in-home interior.

comfy sheepskin seat covers

Here will be a compilation of inexpensive faux furs and synthetic sheepskins that are cheap and cozy house decorating idea

Top 5 reasons to use faux fur synthetic sheepskin:

In the first place, it is necessary to explain why we stopped choosing exactly on artificial leather.

  1. We are against harm to animals. When using faux sheepskin area rug and covers for home design you will be sure that no animal has suffered
  2. Imitation sheepskin is hypoallergenic, so it’s a great choice if you have a higher sensitivity in natural wool.
  3. Natural wool can be a source of static electricity. And who wants to get a small electrical impulse if you want to relax?
  4. Synthetic sheepskin seat covers and area rugs is much cheaper than a natural carpet
  5. And at a last. Cleaning of faux sheepskin area rug, seats and covers, in contrast to natural, much easier. Such things are not afraid of moisture and dry quickly since synthetic fibers do not absorb water. That’s why fake sheepskin can be used for decorating any room, both for bedroom and bathroom.

P.S. Despite all the advantages of faux sheepskin seat covers and area rugs, it is necessary to remember that it must be of high quality from a good manufacturer since synthetic materials can release hazardous substances into the air. Also, imitation sheepskin seats, area rugs, and covers are more flammable, do not use them close to the fireplace.

How to choose a faux fur area rug to create a cozy home?

Знімок екрана 2017-09-18 о 14.11.28

White faux fur fluffy area rugs and covers look very cute and cozy. In the first instance, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the length of the imitation sheepskin can be different. If you have small children or pets, then in a long wool of your fluffy area rug will often confuse little toys or animal wool.
But do not worry about this, because, as mentioned above, these covers are very easy to clean. And we will help you choose from a variety of different covers and area rugs.

Where and how to use faux fur fluffy (or not) sheepskin area rug

  1. White fluffy chair cover perfectly chooses for any room and home. Sitting on a chair with sheepskin you will immediately feel all the softness and warmth of the material, it will warm you long in the evening, give you a pleasant sensation and help to relax from the cups of hot tea or chocolate.Such smart sheepskin seat covers can be decorated with dining chairs or benches if your interior is created in traditional Scandinavian style. Covering the working chair with such a softly carpeted carpet, and the work will immediately go up.You can buy this amazing faux fur covers on Amazon. It cost under 20 dollars(at moment post was writing).2
  2. Use faux fur sheepskin area rug on a bed in the bedroom. Fur has always been considered an element of luxury, and by adding a small piece of sheepskin you will add more charm and coziness to the room. Buy sheepskin area rug on a bed on Amazon to create your cute bed design!
  3. Similarly, it can be used as a bedroom sheepskin area rugs. After a pleasant sleep, always want to prolong pleasant feelings. Feeling barefoot feet of a pleasant write fluffy area rug will help to start the morning perfectly, to return to the sources of ancestors. Order bedroom sheepskin area rugs online on Amazon here! But be careful – if the area rug began to make sounds, scratch or bite – you might have mistaken our area rug with your cat or dog!
  4. A fake sheepskin area rug can be used like a car seat covers. Our ancestors used fur when going to hunting earlier, now we can go hunting in a concrete forest with sheepskin too. Use sheepskin for motorcycle or car seat.
  5. A large sheepskin area rug on a bed can be used not only as a cover but also as the bed itself. Just lay them in the corner of the room, mute the light and feel in the cave. Use fur mat and enjoy an amazing feeling. Buy synthetic sheepskin area rug online here.
  6. And finally, if you go to use the skin more than just an element of decor – use it like John Snow. Properly selected skin will be an excellent addition to your winter clothes. Source of instruction.

Moreover, it can be painted in any color. But this work is better to provide professionals, the manufacturers have already taken care of that you can choose a color skin that fits perfectly into your interior.Choose blue, purple, white, gray sheepskin seat covers, buy cheap soft faux fear sheepskin area rug and seat cover online on Amazon here! And enjoy your pretty room design.


Cozy dogs home and blankets decor with paws

Cold start, it’s time to dress in warm clothes, thick blankets, refresh the fireplace, brew with hot tea and bask. Wait … Did we make all need? What about our dogs? Because they can freeze without our support!
Warming is necessary not only for people but also for animals. Especially when there are such beautiful and cozy blankets for every little (or not) friend!